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We are not just an ordinary firm; with every project, through interesting and unique concepts, we strive to achieve the best outcome possible in everything we do and be  Always Different.


From scratch with nothing

With our belief of being able to create spaces that inspire, elevate and sustain, we believe that architecture is a way of expression that goes beyond just structures; it is also about making experiences and enhancing people’s lives. With every project, we approach it with design thinking processes to create designs of originality, integrity and committing to excellence.

In every project we trust in the design process thinking, collaboration and sustainability. Communicating with the clients to know their needs and visions to produce the best solutions beyond their expectations. We commit to using sustainable and environmentally conscious practices into all aspects of our work to be able to create not only beautiful designs but also one that will sustain for the future.

CKHO is a designed based architecture firm based in Georgetown, Penang. Founded by Ar. Ho Chin Keng. Here we believe that every building conveys a story. We are an enthusiastic group of architects, designers and creators who are dedicated to transforming buildings from fantasies into reality.


A young team with and average age < 27 y/o

The heart and soul of CKHO, with individuals from diverse backgrounds, capabilities and outlooks, we are a dynamic group that relies on collaboration, creativity and respect. From seasoned architects, to fresh new talents, everyone plays a part in creating and shaping each project.

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