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TOP 40 of Malaysia
40 Under 40 Emerging Architects of Malaysia by PAM, 2023
PAM Awards 2023
- A&A Category, The Pairing Architecture
Winner of Category
Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2022 Best Luxury Architecture (Single Residential Project) for Tropical Terrarium House By The Sea in Malaysia
Silver Award
PAM Awards 2021 (Conservation Category) The Experimental Series of Heritage Restoration
42 King St, 149 Beach St, 52 China St, Penang
Honorable Mention
George Town World Heritage Incorporated Heritage Recognition & Awards 2020 (Category of Conservation, Enhancement and Adaption) 3 units awarded, 149 Beach St , 52 China St, 42 King St
PAM Awards 2019 - A&A Category
PAM Awards 2019 - Restoration Category
Silver Award
PAM Awards 2019 (A&A Category- Rethinking of Commercial Semi-D)
Silver Award
PAM Awards 2018
(Special Category - The Missing Architecture - Backlane)
Silver Award
PAM Awards 2018
(Special Category - MBPP Office In The Park) - project with aLM Architects
Top 10 of Malaysia
TOP 10 Architectural Firms in Malaysia 2018 (Awarded by TOP 10 of Malaysia Editorial) to CKHO Architect
1st Prize
PAM Northern Chapter Word Architecture Day 2022 Space Divider Design Competition
(Special Category - The Missing Architecture- Backlane)
5 Stars Awards
Seh Tek Tong Cheah Kongsi Restoration Works (Asia Pacific Property Awards 2016) - project with aLM Architects
3rd Prize
UAC Malaysia Student Design Award 2011
International Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction 2011 (Next Generation Category, Asia Pacific Region)
1st Prize
Autodesk Malaysia Design Competition 2010
International Autodesk Panorama Asia-Pacific Design Challenge 2010 
International Rifle Range Penang Urban Renewal Competition 2010
3rd Prize
International UTM Bridge Model Competition 2009 (Overall)
1st Prize
International UTM Bridge Model Competition 2009 (Poster & Multimedia Presentation)
Encouragement Prize
International Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction 2008 (Next Generation Category, Asia Pacific Region) ever winner from Malaysia
Designer of the Year Award (DOTY), 2023
Merit Commercial Design - Workplace
DYMNG HQ Office - Interior Design
At CKHO Architecture, we understand the influential role of media in connecting our creations with the world. Publications act as eloquent narrators, expressing the core of our innovative designs to a diverse audience. We perceive media not only as a platform for exposure but also as a vital forum for gauging future trends and mirroring the current state of design. Through media channels, our architectural visions come to life, providing a window into our imaginative universe. We actively engage with feedback, utilizing it to refine and enhance our designs. Our goal is to evoke a visceral reaction from readers, inspiring them to not only admire but also experience our spaces firsthand. Publications serve as more than mere showcases; they serve as bridges between our conceptualizations and reality, inviting individuals to delve into and engage with the innovative environments we craft.
arC Magazine by PAM Northern Chapter Issue #2 (2020)
Metrio Group Office

PAM AM Magazine, (Year 2019)
Featuring PAM Awards (Silver Awards winner) for A&A Category- Rethinking Commercial Semi-D

PAM AM Magazine, (Year 2018)
Featuring PAM Awards (Silver Awards winner) for Special Category - The Missing Architecture -

CONSTRUCTION+ Magazine 1st Issue (2016)
Landscape Department and Community Service Department, MBPP @ Youth Park, Penang

CONSTRUCTION+ Magazine 3rd Issue (2016)
Bionic Prominence, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

SINCHEW DAILY Newspaper 16 November 2016
Articles interviewing founder, Ar. Ho Chin Keng for toilet architecture & philosophy
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